IHP's subsidiary PIXELearning and Team Lotus Chief Operating Officer Keith Saunt agree to create F1 Serious Game on Teamwork


27th June 2011


PIXELearning Ltd, a subsidiary of Intellego Holdings plc. (IHP), has commissioned Keith Saunt, F1 veteran and Chief Operating Officer at Team Lotus, as subject matter expert to create an F1 Serious Game on Teamwork and other key management skills.

With the global popularity of  F1 motor racing and with new audiences being built as the Championship touches more and more countries, the sport has become the ideal backdrop for game-based learning techniques in the 21st Century.

With a plethora of “Fantasy” type F1 games available across the internet and many more administered by newspapers and media sites alike, the appeal of this spectacle is well proven and offers the perfect opportunity to create a suite of serious games that can provide innovative training solutions that will be embraced and utilised by all types of businesses around the world.

Motor sport is expanding into new territories and audiences continue to grow on a yearly basis with China recently being added to the race calendar with India in 2011 and the USA soon to follow with a new venue in Texas.  Hong Kong, Mexico and Argentina have also recently expressed interest in hosting a round of the F1 Championship in years to come which highlights the potential reach of a serious game built from within a virtual world of F1.

Some of these new and emerging markets will provide prime customers for proven western management training techniques, especially those based on cutting edge technologies set in a fast moving, dynamic environment.

Serious Games are used widely in the US and are becoming ever more popular in Europe and beyond.  They are a high-end management training tool where candidates receive training through embedded learning techniques whilst 'playing' in a virtual business world.  Learning experts consider immersive simulations the way forward in raising the skill levels of staff, especially as employee numbers remain generally steady under current global economic conditions.

The USP for the F1 Serious Game training product suite is that it takes place within a virtual F1 World and those receiving training do so whilst being immersed in this high-profile, high octane ‘virtual’ environment.

Andy Hasoon, IHP’s new Director of Corporate Strategy said, “IHP’s strategy is to acquire IP rights, products and companies in the digital learning marketplace. Teaming up with successful world class executives such as Keith to bring their subject matter expertise to life through Serious Games is part of that strategy. Already our development team is working on a trailer that we will release shortly to give you a sense of Keith’s Vision for the game being developed.”

Keith Saunt said, “I am extremely excited to have been asked by IHP to bring together my 23 years of F1 experience for such an innovative and appealing purpose.  My passion for mentoring and a lifelong interest in how systems, processes and more importantly people can be brought together to deliver the very best results in dynamic environments are a perfect match for these new, engaging learning technologies. I am really looking forward to playing my part in bringing knowledge and education to a virtual world based on the sport that I love.”



About Intellego

Intellego is a digital learning company which specialises in the provision of productivity improvement, compliance and process change using training to provide the solutions. The appropriate solution may be digital learning or instructor lead, or blended learning a mix of the two, to regulated industries and distributed workforces.

About Keith Saunt

Since 1988, Keith Saunt, a trained civil engineer, has held some of the most prestigious posts in the formula one racing world. Starting with Team Lotus moving on to Benetton Formula as head of purchasing and special projects manager, he has been head of manufacturing and deputy operations director at Renault F1, chief operating officer for Red Bull Racing and a director of Red Bull Technology and is currently chief operating officer for Team Lotus.

A feature of his career at the top of motor racing has been his ability to manage people, systems and processes in a high-octane, time challenged, competitive environment to create an efficient organisation capable of delivering results where it matters—on the winners’ podium.

His Benetton team won the F1 championship with lead driver Michael Schumacher in 1994 and 1995, and his Renault F1 team won the Constructors’ Championship and the Drivers’ Championship with lead driver Fernando Alonso in 2005 and 2006.

In 1998, after ten years in the fast lane, Saunt took up a new challenge and a change of environment as a Program Manager for Norwich Union where he co-managed the merger of Norwich Union and CGU to form the AVIVA Group. This foray into the ‘blue chip’ corporate environment gave him a chance to prove that a lithe adaptive approach to problem solving and delivery, as he had used to great effect in F1, was more than effective in the multi-layered world of corporate governance.

He’s no stranger to immersive technology, having parlayed his experience in motor racing operations management into the world of immersive technology by developing F1 Serious Games.




IHP Buys ‘Linkedin’ Serious Games People Group Management Rights.

22nd June 2011


PIXELearning Ltd (“PIXEL”), a subsidiary of Intellego Holdings plc (IHP), has bought the management rights to the Serious Games People Group on Linkedin.

The Serious Games People Group has 1800+ members and is growing daily with an active discussion base and forum. PIXEL will take over management of the group, which will remain an open group - meaning all new discussion posts, shared links, job posts etc. can be socially linked and searched.

The group is a meeting place for those with an interest in serious games and immersive learning simulations or what is being termed in the industry, “gamification”. Members include many of the world’s leading developers in Serious Games, Gamification and e-Learning.

Andy Hasoon, IHP’s new Corporate Strategy Director said, “This move is just the beginning of our efforts to acquire IP rights, products, and companies in the digital learning marketplace. We are building a team to execute this strategy.”

One of the biggest challenges ‘Learning companies’ have is designing products based on people’s actual needs. Most learning companies develop solutions based on what they think people want not on what their actual needs are. PIXEL believe the Serious Games People Group has the potential to collaborate as a learning technologies group and to help in new product innovation, talent and partner discovery, market research, and market intelligence amongst the groups members.

Membership will remain by request only so that the group is able to exclude obvious spammers. Whilst this approach might limit the speed of growth of a group, it ensures quality of membership.



Intellego announces acquisition of PIXELearning Limited


Tuesday 3rd May


Today Intellego announced that it has acquired PIXELearning Ltd (PIXEL).


PIXEL was established in 2003. It has developed and owns propietary technology called 'Learning Beans' which is used in-house to rapidly create rich engaging and effective immersive learning solutions.


Recently, PIXEL has developed a library of 'Off the Shelf' products such as The Business Game, The Finance Game, The Entrepreneurship Game and the internationally acclaimed Diversity game called 'Makrini'. PIXEL is moving increasingly to a business model focussed on selling 'Off the Shelf' library products via subscription and pay as you go revenue generation models. It has distribution arrangements in place in the UK and USA. Intellego's established corporate client base will accelerate sales in the UK market.


PIXEL sells to a range of large corporations in the UK and North America with their products, as well as consultancy and accounting practices.


Four employees and a director of PIXEL are joining Intellego; Andy Hasoon is joining Intellego Holdings plc as Corporate Strategy Director. Andy has been involved in training since 1994, in 1999 he set up Courseleader.com, a business which specialised in IT training and in 2003 founded 50 Lessons, which was acquired by Skillsoft in 2011.



Intellego's chairman Angus Forrest has said: "I believe this is a significant step in our development which brings us new technologies, new customers and new skills and allows our production staff to learn new skills."


To view the PIXELearning website, please click here.


Intellego announces partnership with DIA (Drug Information Association)


Intellego, the AIM traded e-Learning and compliance courseware solutions business, today announces a partnership with DIA (Drug Information Association) to provide its Zenosis library of eLearning modules to pharmaceutical professionals from around the world who are involved in the discovery, development, and life cycle management of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and related health care products.

Zenosis is an Internet-based learning-on-demand provider that incorporates the following essential components:

• Instructionally designed eLearning courses that ensure that the learning objectives of the organisation are fully met
• A growing international curriculum that is supported and endorsed by the appropriate industry experts, regulators and leaders in their fields

DIA eLearning modules can easily accommodate employee learning with 24/7 access.  DIA courses are instructionally engineered for effective, interactive, and self-paced learning.

"DIA continues to set the benchmark for adult learning, says DIA Worldwide Executive Director Paul Pomerantz.. "Through our highly-valued partnership with Intellego's Zenosis library, we have expanded our portfolio of knowledge solutions that enable professionals from around the world to learn and succeed in an effective, self-paced environment."
"Zenosis content provides the quality standard in the regulatory and compliance space," says Intellego Chairman Angus Forrest.  "Our partnership with DIA will enable us to widen our geographical coverage through North America, Pacific Rim and Europe and deepen our market position within the global pharmaceutical industry so creating a substantial sales opportunity."

About DIA - DIA is a neutral, global, professional, member-driven association of nearly 18,000 professionals involved in the discovery, development, and life cycle management of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and related health care products. Through our international educational offerings and myriad networking opportunities, DIA provides a global forum for knowledge exchange that fosters the innovation of products, technologies, and services to improve health and well being worldwide. Headquarters are in Horsham, PA, USA, with offices in Basel, Switzerland, Tokyo, Japan, Mumbai, India, and Beijing, China.


Intellego's pharmaceutical brand, Zenosis, attends DIA Euro Meeting 2011.


We exhibited at the DIA Euro Meeting in Geneva at the end of March (28-30th). Many thanks to those whose visited and arranged to meet us there. Here we met others from the biopharmaceutical industry be they clinical researchers, health ministries or contract service organisations. This was a great opportunity to network, meet other companies and learn even more about the prospects pharmaceutics can offer.


We are conscious as a result, of global pharmaceutical needs, in particular the rise in demand for Regulatory Affairs in Japan. Given our focus on this subject matter we are looking forward to developing relationships in these parts.


As a result of this meeting we are also aware more than ever of your needs and expectations as a customer; feedback on our demos at the exhibition on the Clinical Trial and Regulatory Affairs modules we offer, reiterate that an easy-to-follow, clear and effectively designed means of training your staff and ensuring compliances, are met. The growing interest in tailoring our online programmes was also enlightening and shows a desire for company identity and unique approaches to necessary learning.


All in all it was a great success and we look forward to attending again next year!



Intellego Client The Garden Centre Group recognized for training excellence)


Intellego client The Garden Centre Group has been recognised for outstanding “Commitment to Training & Education” at the 2010 Garden Retail Awards, hosted at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London.Londonnnnnnjjggvvmmnnndonnd


Commenting on the award, Horticulture Week wrote:  “The Garden Centre Group’s brilliant mixed media e-learning solution [provided a] solution to the problem of training 5,500 employees spread across the UK.  For the first time in the firm’s history, training is available to everyone”.  The Garden Centre Group Training Manager was thrilled: “A huge thank-you to you all – you (at Intellego) are such an integral part of e-Learning and our success”.




Retail Distribution Review R01 product launched


To assist firms in meeting their RDR Level 4 requirements, Intellego has developed a range of tools to train candidates to pass Chartered Insurance Institute Level 4 exams, compulsory under the FSA-led "Retail Distribution Review". Learning-centric and cost effective, the R0 suite comprises:


-Learning Guides

-Gap Analysis/Assessment Engine


-Mock Exams

-Key Facts Guide

-Instructor-Led training [option]


Commenting on the development, Intellego Chairman Angus Forrest said: “We are all excited to have delivered a market-leading product in this space; in terms of user-experience we believe our R0 suite is second-to-none.  Reflective of this, a number of leading financial institutions are already using the product - we are all confident many others will follow”.




Intellego consultancy client SAGE wins prestigious e-learning award


Intellego Consultancy client SAGE has won a brace of awards in this year’s Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators awards.  Commenting on both awards - in the “Descriptive” e-Learning design and “Instructional Communications” classes - SAGE’s John Dingli said:


This is an excellent result, we’re truly delighted and honoured to achieve these awards… we’re also very proud of our excellent working relationship with yourselves. Without your initial input to our e-Learning development, and your continued approach to providing us with excellent customer service and support, we would never have achieved this accolade. Many thanks to everyone who helped with the scripting, development, audio, support and updates of Sage e-Learning. Your contribution ensures we constantly produce quality training products… and we now know we’re doing something great!”


Intellego Chairman Angus Forrest was equally delighted: “This is a great tribute to the contribution of Intellego, in particular our dedicated production team who have been working with Sage for many years.  Intellego has a reputation for top-notch work; a reputation underlined by this award”