CPD Online

Containing over 50 modules, covering technical and legislation subject areas, market and regulation appendices, CPD-Online has been specifically designed to assist financial services professionals adhere to Financial Services Authority [FSA] “principles” and T&C guidelines.

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Providing a continuous cycle of learning and record keeping, CPD-Online features include:


  • A multitude of CPD style questions - with auto-tracking of any emerging learning needs
  • Case studies to measure the application of knowledge
  • Level 4 case studies to measure any learning gaps
  • Annual Assessment of Competence to test knowledge
  • Diary / Calendar – make diary notes to enhance learning or allocate CPD/training time
  • Search Function – search across all CPD-Online for the information you need
  • Loan Calculator – a simple but effective calculator
  • CPD Glossary – an interactive glossary highlighting key terms and phrases


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