Consultancy & Services


There's no shortage of "e-Learning experts" or self-styled "Gurus" out there - some of whom will charge you a fortune for their words of wisdom - much of which is either pseudo-scientific theory or common sense. By contrast, Intellego offers an experienced in-house team of designers and developers who have been actually producing e-Learning - not just talking about it - for years. We can advise what works - and just as importantly what doesn’t - in terms of learning design and implementation, distribution across your IT network and integration with Learning Management systems. On a practical level, we can also provide support in constructing business cases and how to “sell” e-Learning as a concept to key stakeholders.



Composica Managed Services

We also provide a selection of world-class authoring tools; selecting via Intellego means not only a high-quality software solution, but assures that you will receive the best quality training and support from subject experts. more details >>>